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[ANON POST] Caning Hands- Appearance and Treatment

I've been trying to do some research into the disciplinary caning of hands, with not a great deal of luck. There is a lot of info out there about caning legs/backsides (especially because of its prevalence in some prisons even today), but there isn't as much on hands unfortunately. The basics of the situation would be similar, but I imagine things like how the cuts manifest would be quite different, since the hands are much less fleshy.

Was the skin likely to break- if so, how many cuts until it would? How about swelling- I've read that the legs can swell significantly, but again the hands are more bony, so would this change things? How much functionality would a person have after, say, 6 lashes on their hand? What would be the progression of the welts be like- how long would the welts stay rigid, stay red, stay bruised? How long after would the pain recede, and restricted/normal function return? Would their be scarring? Would there be nerve damage? Would there be a difference between being made to hold the hand out in the air, compared to someone holding it down on a table (i.e. having a solid surface beneath the hand rather than just air)?

Another big thing is treatment- I would guess that applying ice/cold water, then cleaning/disinfecting any open cuts and lastly bandaging would be the go to procedure, but I haven't really found any solid info about this at all. Ideas?
Last off, what would be the difference between using an actual cane and using something like a belt/leather strap to all the above?

Setting: Modern times- hypothetical situation where a (strong, angry, vengeful) teacher canes a kid in a country where corporal punishment has been banned. The characters have access to a first aid room at a sporting facility, but the medic who normally works there has gone home and isn't available to them. One character gets hand blisters from playing tennis- would his knowledge of how to treat his own hands help for the caned hands?

Search terms: tried in both google and my university library database- corporal punishment, caning, caning hands, caned hands treatment, corporal punishment schools, caned hands schools, caning hands schools 1800s
Tags: ~flogging, ~medicine: injuries (misc)

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