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Pedestrian vs. Car, foot injuries, and other things

A few questions...

1)Character A is in a car and he sees Character B crossing the street. He wants to hit Character B and pissobly kill her, but make it look like an accident. But at the last second, Character C pushes Character B out of the way, and Character C ends up getting hit instead. This surprises Character A because it wasn't the person he meant to hit, so he slams on the brakes. Anyway, I don't want Character C to die, but I want his injuries to be severe enough to land him in the ICU for a while. So, about how fast could a car be going and hit someone without necessarily killing them? And what sorts of injuries would someone sustain after being hit by a car? I know he'd have lower leg injuries, but what else?

2) In the same story, Character A shoots Character D in the foot on purpose to show that he isn't screwing around. How long would Character D be in the hospital for a GSW to the foot and how would it be treated? Also, Character D had been reported kidnapped, but then he shows up at the hospital with a GSW to the foot the next day. I assume the police would be called immediately. Would the doctors and nurses, though, want to treat him first before they let the police talk to him? And what would police procedure be in this kind of a situation, especially since there is another person still missing and Character D is the only person who knows where she is? (The police know Character A took her but they don't know where he is or where he took her.)



For #2, the gun used is just your run-of-the-mill 9mm handgun.

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