Lady Mondegreen (becomes) wrote in little_details,
Lady Mondegreen

Creation of a Snowball/Slushball Earth

Setting: This is a futuristic Earth-like planet inhabited by a space-faring human-like race.

Search terms: ice age causes, snowball earth, slushball earth, snowball earth causes. I've been reading about space clouds, silicate weathering, and the lowering of greenhouse gases, but I'm not sure I fully understand them.

Situation: I have a planet that I need to turn into a snowball or slushball—that is, nearly the entire surface of the planet must be frozen at the same time. However, I need for someone to cause this change intentionally, and it needs to happen rapidly, if possible in under ten years. The science can be fuzzy and imaginary technology is absolutely allowed.

1) How can I turn this planet into a snowball/slushball using some kind of technology?
2) What sort of technology could that be? (Something invented would be best.)
3) What's the shortest amount of time in which this could happen?
4) What is a simple but scientific explanation for this process? (I don't need to provide hard scientific evidence.)

Thank you in advance. :)
Tags: ~climate/weather, ~science: geology

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