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Botulism Poisoning/Paralyzation

Sorry if this is too similar to some of the other questions out there. (There was one relatively close, but more focused on temporary paralyzation.)

So, for something I'm writing, I wanted to know if there was a way to purposefully paralyze someone without using violence. Preferably while being as discreet as possible. Decided to focus on botulinum toxin, but just wanted some clarification on some minor details.

Research says that botulism poisoning can paralyze people (though there's of course a sizeable chance of death) and I'm assuming that it would be possible to slip someone some botulinum toxin. If that assumption is wrong, then this whole thing is basically meaningless, but wanted to just run a few questions to see if anyone know certain things.

- Would it be possible to slip the toxin in via smuggling it in with the victim's medication?
- Would it take a long time to kick in? (Given that it has to be consumed and likely can't be injected.)
- What is the worst that the victim could be paralyzed without dying? I know breathing's a problem, and arm and leg weakness and such, but I was curious as to the absolute worst without death. At least not immediate death. (Having to use one of those breathing machines is fine.)
- How long will the results, specifically the paralyzation aspect, potentially last for? Can the results be permanent?

The person in question is pretty old (sixty-eight years old, though quite spry and healthy for his age) and is often subjected to medication for psychiatric illnesses. The person inflicting the paralyzation is a therapist who is trying not to get caught doing this, has both a severe grudge against the victim and a huge fear of him, and wishes to immobilize him, preferably permanently, without killing him. Though if it does kill him eventually (but very, very eventually) that's acceptable.

If there is a better poison or medicine that can paralyze (preferably permanently) someone without killing them and can be administered discreetly, that would work just as well, but I haven't the faintest idea what'll work better. (I've had a look at some other other entries, particularly the other non-lethal paralytic poisoning one, but nothing mentioned there seems quite right for this.)

Search terms: botulism poisoning, botulinum toxin, botulism autopsy, botulism lethal amount, botulism non-lethal amount, botulism symptoms, botulism poisoning intentional, and a lot of others I can't recall off the top of my head. Alas, there are not many pages on purposefully using this to hurt people.

I feel like a lot of what I've learned about this is somehow wrong (just because I often have trouble grasping it) so I'm sorry if this is all ridiculous and impossible to answer.
Tags: ~medicine: paralysis, ~medicine: poisoning

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