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[ANON POST] Japanese language question: Gender-neutral address for a sibling

The story's set in the Naruto verse, same time as the main plot, and the main character is genderqueer. (preferred pronouns, they/them/their/ themself)

I'm looking for a gender-neutral term for 'older sibling' in Japanese. They've got younger siblings who love them very much, and it doesn't work for the siblings to call them 'nii-san' or 'nee-san'. The closest I've found is 'Kyoudai', which is plural and/or not used for direct address from what I can tell. Is there anything I can use? Or should I just say screw it and have the siblings use some wort of hybrid thing like 'niinee-san'?

I've searched:
Japanese family words
Japanese sibling words
Japanese sibling terms
Japanese sibling terms unisex
gender neutral family words japanese
gender neutral japanese
sibling japanese
Japanese sibling unisex

and also browsed a couple of language chatboards and wikipedia's entries on Japanese, which I can't remember off the top of my head.
Tags: ~languages: japanese

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