GuinevereKoopa (guineverekoopa) wrote in little_details,

Injuries that cause one to vomit blood

YEAH second post in a day. GO. ME.

Situation! A squad of four soldiers, sent to a place chock full of undead baddies, to retreive something, eh, that the king apparently needs.

A REALLY big baddie shows up and starts wailin' on this quartet. One of them manages to sneak through and grab the thing they've come to get while the others wail back on their ninja guitars. I mean, on the monster. (Not ninjas. Really.)

After all is said and done and the action dies down, one of said soldiers starts vomiting blood and will die in fairly short order. I mean...vomiting blood, not like, wimpy spitting blood because you bit your tongue off stuff.

But I need an injury that can cause this to happen, while going fairly unnoticed in the adrenaline rush of battle. Therefore, I am thinking, massive stab wounds are out, as the char would be more likely to notice those and collapse before the battle ended or something. But I need something specific so I can make it believable, even if I don't describe specifics. Know more than you're saying, you know?
Tags: ~medicine: injuries to order

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