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Stab wound treatment, aftercare and repercussions.

I'm writing a fanfic, set in England. Its set in the future but only by twenty years or so.

One of my characters (healthy, 20 year old male, with no health problems) is going to be stabbed, by a thug during an altercation resulting from said thug making inappropriate comments towards his girlfriend. He is not stabbed during the fight, but rather, after he walks away, back towards his girlfriend. As far as I have worked out, the knife is going to hit his spleen, resulting in a fair amount of blood loss and later, in the hospital, a splenectomy. His girlfriend calls the ambulance almost straight away, and there is no delay in the arrival of the paramedics, so I figure he'll be in hospital in enough time that he won't bleed out. I don't want him to die.

As far as I understand, he'd be taken to theatre quickly on admittance to stop the bleeding and the splenectomy would be performed when it was discovered this was the cause of the bleeding

My questions are: (Sorry, there are a fair few)

  • Will he be in ICU after the surgery? Or maybe the HDU?

  • How long will his father and girlfriend have to wait to see him? Before he wakes from anesthetic

  • What kind of hospital equipment will he be attached to when they do first see him? Is it reasonable to assume that he'll be having blood administered? A drip? Oxygen in a mask or cannula?

  • I have gathered that he will be in hospital for 6-10 days. Will he be able to move about during this time, in order to go to the hospital garden and so forth?

  • Seems like a strange question, but how will he be positioned in bed? Will he lie on his back, even though the wound would be there, or would he be encouraged to lie on his front or side? (SIMS position).

  • When will they explain to him that his spleen has been removed, and what that means for him in terms of life style?  

When he is discharged:(Even more questions sorry)

  • How much pain will he be in? Is it realistic for him to shrug off painkillers, or will he need them

  • How much difficulty will he have moving around? I know he'll be tired from both the initial injury, and surgery, but will he need help walking around a house, up stairs and so forth

  • Is it reasonable to assume that he'd be fit for a medical/physical assessment for the fire service in a few months time?

  • How long would it be before he's able to finish repairing a shed roof without any pain or added danger? Yeah, that one is a bit wierd.

Any other information that you think I have missed but that would be helpful would be much appreciated.

Thank you :)

Search terms used: 'stab wound treatment', 'stab wound recovery', 'stab wound recovery times', 'abdominal stab wounds', 'hospital care for stab wounds'
Tags: ~medicine: injuries to order, ~medicine: injuries: stab wounds

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