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Unpleasant chores for third-year medical students?/Who supervises medical residents?

Two questions. Hope that's okay.

Present day, unnamed city in the Midwest.

1) I have a character in his third year of medical school, so he's a resident at a hospital right now. One of the sources I found about med school (because I know nothing, so I wound up doing a lot of basic attempts at research) said that med students usually get stuck doing a lot of the bad chores that doctors and other people who work in hospitals don't want to do, but I can't find any information about what these actually are. What could my character get stuck doing as far as grunt work goes?

2) Who's in charge of medical residents? Do professors come look in on them while they're being residents? If not, who supervises/grades them? The doctors? Nurses? Someone else?

Things I've tried looking under: variations on "medical school residency," "medical school residency daily life," "medical school daily life," "medical school residency professor," and "medical school daily life resident."

Thanks for any help. I'm completely lost with a lot of this med school stuff.
Tags: usa: education: higher education, ~medicine: medical education

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