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Medical response to attempted suicide

Setting: modern day UK
A character (male, twenties) is taken into hospital after slitting his wrists. I've done research on shock from blood loss and emergency psychiatric care, but had a harder time getting details of hospital procedure in responding to this type of case. I’m wondering:

1) What treatment would he receive? I’m thinking stop the bleeding and address the blood loss/lost fluids by IV, correct? (Some of the previous entries here pointed me on the right track but I could still use more medical details, especially as I’m writing from the doctor’s POV.)

2) I researched the UK Mental Health Act, and it seems that the patient could be ‘sectioned’ under the emergency provision for up to 72 hours. How would all that work though? Who would make that decision and what sort of assessments might he receive? I’ve researched the bare bones but details on how things would work are appreciated.

3) I need one of the doctors to start bonding with this character, checking in on him and trying to help him far more than he (the doctor) needs to. That means I need a doctor who could treat this man initially, then take it upon himself to continue looking in on him so that a friendship can form, without being the patient’s psychiatrist. What specialty might be best for my doctor character?

4) What sort of information would the hospital get about the patient during intake? Any forms to fill out? I’m just wondering how much of his backstory I can say my doctor character read on forms/charts. If there are any examples available online that would be great, though I’ve searched but couldn’t find any. I also don’t know if the character could have a history at that same hospital which would allow more information to be on file than would be taken in an emergency?

I also appreciate any other suggestions on hospital procedure and how this scenario might be dealt with - anything to make it somewhat more believable. Thanks in advance, all!
Tags: uk: health care and hospitals, ~medicine: injuries (misc), ~suicide

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