GuinevereKoopa (guineverekoopa) wrote in little_details,

Impalement! General healing of wounds.

Okay so I got a knight who got impaled by, uh, a metal broomstick. Interesting story, actually. But that aside, I need a healing timeframe for him.

It didn't go all the way through, but it did go rather deep. No vital organs were hit. Non-vital organs may have been hit, as there are quite a few of both in the stomach region, but I never exactly go into the details of the injury, so that's up for...whatever.

Obviously, he lives, with no comatose period or anything like that, if that gives you a frame of reference for how seriously wounded he was.

ANYWAY what's the time frame I should be looking at here for a recovery? He's a young (24) soldier, so he's pretty fit, good health and all that, and we do have the aid of priestly magic so timeframes can be fudged a little.

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