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What it's like to study music at NYU

setting: New York University
time: real-world, present day (or near future, say 1-2 years from now)
search terms used: "what is it like to study music at NYU" "NYU music student experience" and variations thereof; scoured NYU's website as well as a couple of tumblrs of NYU students that give information about student life, etc (not music students, unfortunately)

I'm writing a story in which one of the characters is studying jazz (piano) at NYU at the undergraduate level. I'm a musician who has attended a couple of different schools for music, so I don't need info about what the core curriculum would be like (basically the same everywhere you go, at least the first couple of years). I've also found a couple of tumblrs of students who attend NYU that have advice for new students navigating the campus/finding things/getting around/what the dorms are like, which is very helpful, but they aren't music students so I didn't get any music info there.

What I'm looking for is:

* what do students call certain music related places? For example, at one of my schools, the building the music classes are held in is called the "School of Music" but no one actually calls it that in conversation, it's usually "the music building". Where are most music classes actually held and what do students call that place(s) in conversation? (The "facilities" page of NYU's music website talks about performance spaces but not classroom/rehearsal spaces.)

* Where do most people practice? From the NYU website it looks like there are practice rooms in different buildings. This character lives in Third North for part of the story (as a freshman) and I understand there are practice rooms there but she won't be there forever (I'm also getting conflicting information about the practice rooms in Third North, whether it's A room or multiple rooms).

* How much interaction is there between jazz students and other music students? At both schools I've been to, everyone is sort of lumped together for the first couple of years while taking core classes (music history, theory, aural skills, class piano/keyboard skills, etc) and then everyone kind of goes their separate ways and the jazz people sort of separate themselves from the rest of the music students. I'm wondering if that happens at NYU as well.

* In most music programs a student will have private lessons on their instrument/voice with a professor and then once a week everyone who studies with that professor has a class together where you perform for each other, get critique, etc. I'm assuming this happens at NYU as well--what is it called? (At various schools I've been to it's been called studio, rep class, masterclass...)

* are there ensembles that are seen as most/least desirable? (thinking specifically of jazz)

* Where do music students tend to hang out during the day when they are not in class? I'm thinking in particular of students who are new to NYC and haven't quite learned to navigate the city yet.

* are jazz majors required to have any classical proficency? Where I am right now, jazz majors have to have at least 200-level proficency in classical studies on their instrument (so, sophomore level), but I couldn't find if that was true for NYU as well.
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