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Hospitals in Colorado with specific local geography, and conditions that affect learning

This is for my fungal zombies.
The setting is modern day Colorado.

Question 1:
I searched for "hospitals near the edge of town in Colorado", but this is kind of a local-knowledge question.

My zombie hive needs to infect some dying people. So, ideally, I'd like both a hospital and some kind of hospice, nursing home, or terminal-care facility, within about a day's walk of each other, with the following characteristics:

There is a place, easily within a mile of the facility, where 100 people could hide for at least a few days without being noticed. Some of these people look normal (and could act as lookouts for the rest), some look very evidently dead. They can act with perfect coordination to avoid watchmen or the like, but obviously some of them would attract notice if *anyone* saw them.

Said place is near enough to the edge of town that a bunch of zombies could reach it, at night, without attracting notice.

The facility itself is in a sufficiently busy/populated area that strangers showing up would not be noteworthy.

Anyone know of such a place? If not, can anyone tell me large towns/small cities/suburbs in Colorado where you would not be surprised if health facilities with those characteristics were built?

Question 2:
Searched for "mental conditions that impair learning", and "mental conditions that affect ability to learn". Mostly got learning disabilities, but I don't think those are quite the right shape for what I need. I looked at the wiki page for "cognitive disorder", but didn't find what I needed.

Is there any known condition, illness, or injury result that does not significantly impair memory, or initial information processing (eg amnesia, dyslexia), or the ability to use skills you have already acquired, or general intelligence, but *does* impair the ability to learn new skills? I don't need the condition itself for my story (so it doesn't matter how rare or unlikely it is), but I want to figure out the probable parameters of that kind of condition, for something I want for my zombies.

To explain the kind of thing I want: you know how little kids are sponges for language, but adults have difficulty learning language, and will almost never be able to learn a new language like a native? Ideally, I'd like something like that, but more general.

edit: for 1, the zombies need to be hiding from the present inhabitants of working cities/towns. Everything's going on more or less normally (a little bit of panic near known zombie sightings, but my zombie hive isn't near any of those sightings), so places like shopping centers would have their normal complement of employees, shoppers, etc.

Son of edit: I did a little Google Map'ing, anyone know how well the hospital in Vail would fit my requirements? Or the St. Anthony's something in Frisco?
Tags: usa: colorado, ~medicine: illnesses to order

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