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Air Traffic Chatter Vetting? (NRT-LAX route, departures--taxiing, really.)

Hi all! I come bearing questions for anyone familiar with air paths and air traffic control (ATC) chatter. (If you are an ATC person I would LOVE to pick your brains!) I wrote a fic with some ATC chatter recently, and if you are familiar with Narita at all, could you please take a look and let me know whether the following makes any sense?

Context: NRT-LAX route, departures--taxiing, really, specifically ground ATC, but I also have side-questions about general in-flight ATC/comm chatter. The fic in its entirety is here, for anyone who would like more context (I didn't want to spam you guys with ALL of it in here.) Research is being done for additions (including possible BA Flight 5390-like air trouble with ATC helping the FO land the plane, but I haven't done the research for the air-trouble yet so please ignore that.)

Search terms I have already tried:
- "air traffic transcripts narita" got me nothing specific to Narita takeoff ATC
- "air traffic chatter"
- "air traffic squawk"
- "air traffic control script"
- "air traffic control narita" - where I picked up a lot of information on various random things sprinkled throughout the fic
Wikied: "Separation (air traffic control)", "air traffic controller", "Category:Air Traffic Control", "Flight Service Station", "Transponder (aviation)" is a pretty good example of the sort of thing I was turning up, which is all well and good, but I kind of want to know NRT-specific stuff! T_T

In particular, three lines I'd love input on:

"Narita Clearance, this is Juliet Lima Sixty Two, requesting clearance and radar departure."
Question 1: Do flights request clearance/radar departure at NRT? Is that a suitable/appropriate way to do it?

"Juliet Lima Sixty Two, you are cleared to Los Angeles via CUPID, Flight Planned Route, Maintain 5000, Radar Departure, Departures 121."
Question 2: WTH am I saying here? *doesn't understand at all, just copied from a VATPAC transcript and moved some numbers around* I dropped the Squawk information because I didn't want to bombard the reader with too much technical detail, but unsure how squawk/signs assigned too especially with regards to Narita (do they even do that?)

Question 3: I'm assuming this flight plan, but even then, I'm not exactly sure what CUPID and all the other codes mean! T_T Can someone give a quick rundown of what's contained in the "route" information?

"Juliet Lima Sixty Two, this is Narita Ground. Taxi via Charlie to holding point Alpha Three, Runway Bravo."
Question 4: Clearly I made all that up! T_T Is this even anywhere close to what would actually be said at Narita?

Question 5 and 6 are more general.

Question 5: Do pilots who do the same route and hear each other on the air chat with each other a bit on the ground? I remember hearing some back in the 90s when passengers were allowed to hang out in the jumpseat for a little while to visit before take-off, but I don't know if that is still the case any more.

Question 6: Once you're done and you've cleared Narita airspace, who do you get handed off to? Is non-flight chatter allowed, like trucker CB radio conversations if they're nearby and kind of doing the "hey how's the kids" routine?

Thank you in advance for any light you can shed! ♥

[ETA: MUCH thanks and appreciation to lindenfoxcub first for patiently explaining to an avionics newbie what exactly ATC is saying, and secondly, for giving me enough rope to hang myself enough information to stumble across this jackpot (even if I barely understand any of it).]
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