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[ANON POST] Women's Rights in 1810s-1820s France

The setting is Paris during 1810s-1820s in our world.

I've tried to research, woman's rights both general and France specific, Napoleonic code, the Bourbon Restoration, divorce laws, and property laws.

I'm trying to determine information about two different female characters.

First character: Her father owned and ran a bookshop. She works there too. She has no living siblings. He has no other living family. She marries. The father dies (while Napoleon was still in power). If I understand the napoleonic code right, ownership of the bookshop would go to the husband, not her. He would have complete control of any earnings even if she was the one running the shop. He could spend the money on alcohol and mistresses. Should a mistress have a child that he legally recognizes as his, the child could inherit part or all of the shop if the wife had no children at the time of death.
1st question: Is this how the shop and it's earnings would be dealt with?

2nd question: With the husband spending most of their earnings on drink and women, is it possible for her to gain some control of their finances legally? How likely would she be able to with no spending money to pay legal fees and the laws favoring men? Assume they have no debt.

3rd question: Divorce was legal during this time. How hard would this be? Assume little money to pay fees and the husband doesn't want the divorce. If they did become divorced, what would happen to the shop? If he was also physically abusing her, how hard was it to prove abuse for a divorce?

Second female character: The time is now 1820s during the Bourbon Restoration. She is 20 years old. She has no siblings. Her parents die. They have no other living family. Assume the family had little money, no property, and no debt.
1st question: What would happen to her? Would she need a guardian? Who?

2nd question: How difficult would it be for her to get a job as a single woman with no parents?

3rd question: If she managed to earn enough money, could she open a bank account? I know before 1964 married women had to have their husband's permission to open bank accounts, but I'm not sure of the laws for single women.
Tags: 1810-1819, 1820-1829, france: history

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