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Eye injury to order

Hi :)

I want to give my character a penetrating injury to one eye where the six-month outcome is little vision in that eye, ideally such that the character has lost a lot of his binocular vision, but not badly enough to be enucleated. What sort of injury would cause this? symptoms, progonsis, etc?

(I've read about whatsitcalled, Sympathetic ophthalmia, that thing where the uninjured eye ends up being like eaten by the immune system so doctors take the injured eye out to prevent this, but I also read an article saying that that is rare and therefore I'm assuming it won't happen to my character :3 ).

terms I have googled: injury to eye, penetrating injury/wound/trauma to eye, corneal laceration, global rupture.

I've come across many medical articles which I have no doubt would have been very useful if I could understand them. >< I'm annoyed with myself, usually I have enough biology to skim-read medical articles but I know nothing about eyes that aren't mine. So if someone can give me a layman's explanation that would be great. From my reading a severe corneal laceration looks like the best bet, but I'm not sure.

also any ideas about what the damaged eye would look like after 6 months will be greatly appreciated too; all of the pictures I can find are pre- or at the time of treatment.

If I haven't explained things well enough (most probable) please let me know!
Tags: ~medicine: injuries to order, ~medicine: injuries: eye injuries

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