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code names and more about radio communication in ambulances

Hiya. :) I'm writing a fic that involves a first responder as the main
character, working on an ambulance in modern day USA, and my google-fu stopped
being helpful on some of the details. My questions are mainly as follows:

- What is the routine/procedure for communication with the hospital/supervisor
via radio? Like, do they speak more or less freely, or is it more regulated?
Would they use each other's first names, for example?

- What are the common "code names" for the ambulances? I know how that works in
Germany, a family member of mine works in that field, but I have much less of an
idea of how it's handled in the US.

I'm grateful for all other information and input you can give me on the topic,

Googling proved somewhat difficult, because I'm not really looking for facts, but more slice-of-life stuff. For example, googling "ambulances code names US" gives me a whole lot of zip codes or "ambulance us radio communication" comes up with a whole lot of studies about its effectiveness but gives me nothing on how it's actually currently handled, and wikipedia gave me emergency codes, but I guess the other things I wanna know are too basic or something. It's also possible I didn't come up with the right keywords to search because I'm ESL and this is pretty specific. :/
Tags: usa: health care and hospitals, ~medicine: emts/paramedics, ~radio

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