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1880s London: cross-class introduction etiquette?

I've googled just about every combination of "introduction", "etiquette", "Victorian", "class", "working class", etc, that I can think of but I'm having real trouble finding the exact info I need. I'm finding plenty about society etiquette (and loads of "introduce yourself to this forum" posts), but nothing for the lower classes, and I can't think of anything relevant from books or films that I might be able to use. It's not a major part of my story, but it's bugging me now so I would like to get it right:

Young poor working-class man (about 19-20) saves a fairly well-to-do shopkeeper from an accident in the street outside his shop. How do I get from there to the shopkeeper and his assistant exchanging names with the hero? I suppose one of them is going to have to introduce himself, or ask the other's name, but I'm not sure who'd be the one to do it and how. Would it be correct for the assistant to introduce his boss and himself and wait for the other fellow to respond, or am I going in totally the wrong direction there?
Tags: 1880-1889, uk: history: victorian era, ~names

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