seasight (seasight) wrote in little_details,

Range of movement after severe flogging

Setting: Fantasy/Europe, vaguely 1830ish
Research: wikipedia, every "flogging" entry on Little Details, various military history websites

I'm pretty sure I already have the answer to my question but I just wanted to be sure. I have a character who has been "flogged around the fleet" before my story begins. He's trying to hide his scars from his traveling companion. My question is: would the scarring on his back impede his range of movement in any way?

My research suggests that it wouldn't really affect his range of movement, because the Navy wanted sailors to be able to work after they had been punished, but I wanted to check, just in case.

Edit: Thanks for all of your input! I may change a thing or two, according to what you've all said.
Tags: ~age of sail, ~flogging

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