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Modern household help - number and hiring

When/where: real life, any major American city

Searched: read Wikipedia article on "butler"

Anyone out there have personal experience with this, either upstairs or down?

My MC (who has graced these pixels before) is a Wall Street /wunderkind/ currently living in a co-op on the Upper East Side.

Within about a year she expects to be a) married, b) pregnant, and c) living in a suitable suburb, perhaps somewhere like
She's not into conspicuous consumption, but does want to keep things in good working order.

1) What does such a place take in the way of servants? I expect there's going to be a full-time cook; maintenance and grounds-keeping will be contracted out, and there will be full-time child care when the time comes. Housekeeper - full- or part-time?

2) There will, of course, be agencies happy to help you fill these positions. How hard is it to find good people without going through an agency (e.g. word of mouth)?
Tags: usa: new york (misc), ~servants/slaves

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