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[ANON POST] Rank of Officer in Close Protection Unit (UK Prime Minister's Family)

What would be the military/police rank of an officer in a close protection unit for the daughter of a prime minister (or equivalent)?

I'm uncertain of what rank to give two to three characters in my story who are the close protection unit/bodyguards for the two adolescent daughters of a prime minister (or equivalent - I'm considering giving him another title, as he is later revealed to be a dictator, which is not immediately apparent as the narrator is his young daughter who has been sheltered from her father's true position - but the idea is roughly the same). The setting is England ~75 years in the future (this is not set in stone, but the focus is not on the setting being futuristic), in a climate where international relations are quite hostile and the country is at war. I'm working with the idea that the structure of the military at this time is still pretty much as we would recognize it today. The daughters have been sent to a safe house in anticipation of a possible attack as the war grows closer to home, and going along with them will be their close protection unit/bodyguards. I know I want at least two members of this team, and possibly a third or fourth.

I searched for "prime minister family bodyguards" and came up with this helpful page (Close Protection (, which led me to the Royal Military Police Close Protection Unit, which I'm assuming is roughly the right branch. Though, that same google search led me to this article (Tony Blair's police bodyguards ( referred to Tony Blair's protection coming from a Metropolitan Police protection squad - but that might be because he's a former prime minister, and not a current one? But anyway, searching for "royal military police close protection unit ranks" didn't pull anything up for me, and as was to be expected I didn't find anyone in these units referred to by name.

I just want to know what rank of officer would be assigned to a task like this - and would they all be the same rank, or perhaps one person of a higher rank in charge of the other(s)? The daughters are in a fairly quiet location and are considered to be safe and out of the way, and are not at particularly high risk of being singled out for attack, but they are still the children of a dictator, so I can't quite decide if they would be considered a high priority or a low one, and who would be delegated to their security in either case.

Thank you so much for any help you can give! I was so happy to find this community c:
Tags: uk: government (misc), uk: government: law enforcement

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