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[ANON POST] Hebrew Unisex Name

Setting: Alternate universe, speculative fiction/surreal fantasy. The story is taking place in modern times.

Search terms: "Shani," "Shani name meaning," etc. Various search term combinations brought up baby name websites and little else (I even tried putting the Hebrew script into Google.) Also did some brief reading about Sephardi Jewish naming traditions and the red string talisman.


I'm trying to find a name for a character who is (possibly - it's a bit fluid in my head at the moment) of Sephardi Jewish ethnicity. They have no known family and are somewhat of a vagrant, so they were probably named by the people of the community they were born in. The person in question is of unstated gender identification (fantasy worlds, alternative gender systems, etc.), but will most likely be read as FtM trans.

So according to BehindtheName and a few Google searches, the name "Shani" means "scarlet" and refers specifically to scarlet cloth, or a scarlet thread tied on the wrist as a talisman against evil. I was wondering if anyone could tell me:

1. If the name is genuinely unisex/ whether it would come across as strange for a male-presenting character. I haven't found many people with the name, but most of them are female, and it's listed as an exclusively female name on some sites.

2. Whether the meaning of the name could also apply to a physical trait, like red hair.

3. How recognizable the red string talisman is; i.e. is that the first thing people would think of?

4. And lastly, are there any other religious or cultural connotations that I should be aware of?

Thank you guys so much. I really appreciate your help.
Tags: ~languages: hebrew, ~names

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