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[ANON POST] Early Pregnancy Injury to Order: Blood Loss after Blow, but Fetus Can Survive

Q: Early Pregnancy Trauma to order : Lots of blood after blow but possibility to save the baby with adequate medical care.

Hello dear LJ.
I have a question about pregnancy. It's actually a mix about pregnancy & Illness/Trauma to order.

Setting : modern day England.
I have a character (woman, 30-35, good health) who's pregnant (nor far along at all, 2 to 3 months). She gets captured and hurt (cracked ribs ? broken fingers ?)
One of her captors kicked her in the stomach and now there's vaginal bleeding. She manages to escape and to crawl away from her kidnappers. She manages to get to a friend of her, who's a doctor and who has small practice with all basic stuff for auscultating people and tending wounds. (Emergency stuff and a nurse to boost).

Now here's my problem(s):

What kind of injury could cause the bleeding, but not automatically lead to miscarriage ? I know it's reaaaally tricky, because 2 months is not far along at all. Some kind of placenta trauma ? The more blood there is, the better it is, I guess.
I need her to be bleeding quite enough to be alarmed about the possibility of losing the baby (she's not far along an all) but the doctor somehow manages to settle things. Could he inject her with something that stops the contractions from happening, so the placenta stays in place ?
I know from personal experience what it's like to have a miscarriage at around 2 months, so I know where I stand in describing the pain and the fear. But I've no clue as what a doctor could do to stop it. I don't want her to lose the child, it has to look grim but with a 50% chance of saving it.

Research : Placenta abruptio seemed to be just what I need but I don't know what the prognosis is for early pregnancies :
"Although motor vehicle accidents are the most common cause of serious blunt trauma in pregnancy, assaults, abuse and falls are frequent. In addition to maternal mortality from blunt trauma, which is estimated to be about 7%, the fetus is at significant risk, especially if placental abruption, placenta previa, or uterine rupture occur."
"Placental abruption after trauma occurs in 2 to 4% of minor accidents and in up to 50% of major injuries. Separation results as the inelastic placenta shears away from the elastic uterus during sudden deformation of the uterus. Abruption can occur with little or no external signs of injury to the abdominal wall. Maternal mortality from abruption is less than 1%, but fetal death ranges from 20 to 35%. Clinical findings that indicate abruption include vaginal bleeding, abdominal cramps, uterine tenderness, amniotic fluid leakage, maternal hypovolemia, a uterus larger than normal for the gestational age, or a change in the fetal heart rate. "

If I steer away from placenta abruptio, what could cause the vaginal bleeding ? A tear in the uterus walls ? Isn't it worse than P-Abruptio ?

If any amount of bleeding is tantamount to miscarriage at that stage, I'm willing to drop the bleeding altogether. But I kinda need the doctor to worry about the possibility.
Thank you all in advance :)

Tags: ~medicine: injuries to order, ~medicine: reproduction

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