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Anecdotal information on Hypothermia Recovery

I'm currently writing a story where the key incident involves the main character becoming hypothermic. I've done some research, and I've been able to find what I need regarding how it feels to become hypothermic, as well as the treatment options in scenarios where getting to a hospital isn't possible.

The thing is, for what I'm trying to do in this story I could really use more information on what it feels like to be in the early recovery phases from hypothermia, and I haven't been able to find much at all about that. That is, how does it feel as you start to warm up? What's your mental/physical state for the first few hours up to a day or so after you get to help? I can find information with medical overviews on what's happening and how to handle treatment, but not accounts of what this feels like to the person who's actually going through this. Most people's accounts pretty much stop at "and then I got help/got warmed up, the end." I understand, particularly in more severe cases, there's often a lot of mental confusion, so in many instances people may not remember events very clearly, but surely there's got to be some information out there...?

I've googled many variations on "hypothermia recovery" and "what hypothermia feels like", and looked through the hypothermia tag here. I've also went through the comments to this article, which I'd seen pointed to several times as a good source of information on hypothermia/cold weather survival, looking for anything relevant. 
Tags: ~medicine: hypothermia

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