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Response to a plane crash - UK

Scenario: A plane crashes while on approach to East Midlands Airport in the UK. The plane was meant to be a long haul transatlantic flight from Heathrow, but it declared an emergency and was directed to East Midlands (its runway is the same length as Robin Hood Sheffield/Doncaster Airport's, which boasts it can land an Antonov-225, which is much larger than a transatlantic passenger plane). It crashes in fields about 8 miles/13km northwest of the airport.

1) A quick google search tells me that a Boeing 747 would have about 36,000 gallons of fuel on board at take off, for a transatlantic flight, and I'm guessing that other planes capable of making the same flights would need about that amount. How quickly would he be able to dump enough of this fuel to make a safe landing at East Midlands?

Searches: "fuel for transatlantic flights" (gave me the 36,000 gallons figure) and "how quickly can a Boeing 747 dump fuel" (gave me nothing I understood)

2) At that distance, would the airport send its fire and rescue equipment out to assist Derbyshire Fire Service, or would they stay at the airport unless specifically called in. By road the airport is 12.4 miles by the quickest route (but I doubt an airport fire engine would get over Swarkestone Bridge, never mind the one-lane canal bridge a bit past that), or 18.9m by a more suitable route.

Searches: "who responds to plane crashes uk", "plane crash response" - no mention is made of if airport fire equipment responds to off-airport crashes.

3) The fields are bordered by houses to the north and east, the northern houses being closer to the crash. Would these be evacuated in case of exploding fuel tanks?

4) If the houses aren't evacuated, would assistance from local residents be permitted by authorities? I'm thinking along the lines of shelter, sources of hot water, first aid materials and/or skills, blankets and even just reassuring people.
Tags: uk (misc), ~catastrophes, ~travel: air travel

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