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Common secular Israeli names

Does anyone have a list (or can anyone come up with a list of) common secular names for adults in Israel? Anything I've found googling combinations of 'common Israeli names' and a year or 'by year' doesn't find much prior to 2002, and most characters who need names are in their thirties (with a few older), so I don't want to accidentally give them names that would be seen as childish.

Most of the characters who need names are Mizrachi, although I don't know how much difference that makes outside of religious communities. There are a few from other backgrounds, though, so feel free to throw anything at me. At this point, I'm getting a little desperate.

If you've got a link that's in Hebrew, that's fine - I can read it well enough, I'm just not good enough to put the search query together.

Anyone got any other ideas of how to find realistic names for age groups in languages/countries where I'm not familiar enough with the culture to know how common/uncommon a name is? I don't want to have to keep bugging various communities any time I come across another new one I need. Something like being able to search facebook by date of birth/country would be amazing, but I can't make facebook give me more than about 10 results, which isn't what you'd call a good sample size :/
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