Generally Mischief (angel_vixen) wrote in little_details,
Generally Mischief

Where would a daughter of an earl attend university?

Where: London, England
When: Modern day

I'm trying to determine where the daughter of an English earl (third daughter, if this is important) might have attended university, and what sort of job she might hold now. How out there would it be for her to have studied print journalism (is there a school that makes everyone say "oh, journalism, well, then of course you're going to go to _____?"), and then to make a career in it? Her parents are quite conservative, though she's not as much; I don't know how heavily that might affect her choice of schools. I'm passingly familiar with some institutions - Oxford, Cambridge, St. Andrew's, University of London, and several of the academies - but I'm not sure where she would have felt drawn (or where her father would be willing to send her).

Search terms used: multiple permutations of "universities in england," "what university would nobility attend england" "modern aristocracy jobs," "daughter earl jobs," "women british nobility jobs," and several related others; I wasn't really sure how to word my queries. My Google-fu really failed me this time. I also searched for women around the same age group (she's about 26) such as the Earl Spencer's daughters, Lady Sarah Carnegie and her sisters, and even the York princesses.

Thanks very much!
Tags: uk: education, uk: london, uk: nobility

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