basically, I'm old and cranky (somewhatdeluded) wrote in little_details,
basically, I'm old and cranky

Fields of study in the 1920's

Okay, so I've tried to look this up, but with little success.

I have a character who is a professor of ancient art, specifically Asian art. Now, today, he would most likely have a doctorate in either Art History or Asian Studies, probably Art History because he doesn't much care about anything *but* the art, but my impression is that these are new fields, and the story is set in the 1930's. He would have finished his degree in the mid-1920's; he is an American, but it would not be totally inconsistent for him to have been educated in Britain. So what would he in fact have his degree in/be a professor of? He does some field research, so archeology is a possibility, but his focus is specifically art, rather than more generic artifacts.

Anyone know what this would be, or where I could find out? I'd be very grateful.

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