spooked croon (penombrelilas) wrote in little_details,
spooked croon

Expensive suits in the 1990s

Hi! I need some insight on menswear in the UK of the 90s.

I'm looking for a suit that is both costly and gentlemanly, so that everyone who sees it (or everyone who knows what to look for) knows the wearer comes from/goes to some important event. The character (mid-twenties, from an upper class background, not slim) is a customer at Savile Row, although the observer doesn't know that.

The trouble I'm having is matching. I can research fabrics and patterns for ages and still don't know what goes with what. What colours go together for suit, tie and shirt?

I read somewhere that Merino is often used in expensive suits, for its high thread count. Other things I have considered are: single-breasted jacket with two vents, three buttons, pleated trousers, peak lapels and no pocket flaps. Brocade silk tie, maybe in burgundy.

Originally I thought of a charcoal grey suit with pinstripes, but the character is fairly tall, so that might not be a good choice.

My question is: does that work? I'm open for suggestions and alternatives :)

Thank you!
Tags: 1990-1999, uk (misc), ~clothing

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