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Various questions about unauthorized pistols in Soviet military use...

This is a pretty specific question I'm struggling with. Searched for: Soviet officer personal weapon, unauthorized sidearm Soviet era, etc...  the information I found pertained to current and past issue Russian/Soviet Union handguns such as the PM, Tokarev, Nagant, Grach, etc... not what I'm looking for.

Setting is a sci-fi story where two Soviet officers from 1987-1988 have found themselves transported to(accident involving a teleportation experiment). The actual story takes place several years after they arrived, but is only peripherally relevant to my question. One is a KGB Lt. Colonel, the other a Major in the VDV. The VDV Major was a firearms enthusiast and collector, and I was toying with him having carried a couple of unauthorized sidearms he confiscated from arms smugglers during his service in Afghanistan. The weapons in question are a Glock 17(at the time they were rather new and novel) and a Bren Ten(popularized by Miami Vice and quite rare). While very uncommon in that part of the world at that time, I'm under the assumption that it is quite possible for an arms dealer to have 'specialty stock' or be carrying something distinct or flashy such as the aforementioned handguns.

I don't know how the regulations were in Russia during the Soviet era(I'm from the US), but my personal experience was that battle bringbacks were a relatively common occurrence in our military until relatively recently. I do know through military friends that bringing your own personal, non-issued pistol on deployment is a major breach of regulations. Was this the case in the Soviet Union around this time period? Would my character, being a relatively high-ranking officer of a prestigious unit, be able to pull the 'rank has its perks' card regarding this? Granted, there are problems with my character having done this, namely parts and ammo availability(I'm assuming it wouldn't have been impossible to get a hold of 9x19mm even behind the Iron Curtain, but 10mm for the Bren wouldn't have been likely), but the tone of the story is such that I can do a little creative handwaving.

Any hard evidence or even anecdotes would immensely help. Thanks in advance!
Tags: 1980-1989, russia: history, ~weapons: firearms

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