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Marcus L. Rowland

WW2 Bombs on London

This might be of interest to anyone writing about London during WW2 - a map of (modern) London showing the locations of bombs that fell in the Blitz. Some of the information is a little sketchy, e.g. the exact date and size of bombs is rarely available. It's been compiled from maps made during the war.

You can zoom in and out, overlay satellite views, a WW2 bomb map, and other information, etc.

Something to bear in mind is that most of the bombs shown were relatively small, 100kg or 200kg up to a maximum of around a ton towards the end of the Blitz, and a lot were incendiaries rather than explosive, so the impression of total obliteration can be a little misleading. For example, looking at my local area, the nearest bomb to my house was about a hundred yards away; I happen to know that it damaged four houses which were subsequently demolished, with the plots used for temporary housing into the 1950s then cleared to build flats, but there's no way to get this information from the map except by noticing that the modern flats were built where the bomb fell, and guessing that this might be cause and effect.

The real devastation was in the City of London and the area around the docks and the Thames, where there was heavy bombing and serious fires many nights of the Blitz.
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