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Injuries sustained by improper conveyance of hurt party

Googled: injuries caused by improper transportation (which told me about workplace injuries); injuries caused by improperly transporting injured party (which pretty much said, don't do it or you risk a spinal injury). Also posted the fanfic_med group on Yahoo! and waiting on response.

I'm currently writing a Batman fanfiction involving 19-year-old Dick Grayson and 14 (or so)—year-old Jason Todd. Background is that Dick and Jason are swinging away from an exploding bomb and land on a rooftop. Dick shields Jason and his costume protects him from the neck down. However, he is concussed, bleeding from a scalp wound (which Jason bandages), and unconscious. He's also got burns and I'm not mentioning other injuries, since at this point, Jason knows he needs to get him to a doctor. For numerous reasons, including inexperience and poor judgment, Jason does not call anyone for help. Instead, he hooks a 25"x25"x42" wheeled laundry cart from a balcony below and manages to stuff Dick inside, basically folding him in half (I found out that the roomier carts weigh close to 250 lbs, and since he actually needs to lift the thing onto the roof, it's got to be the smaller, 25-lb model), doing what he can to cushion the sides.

Since he's 14 and can't drive, he feels he has no choice but to take the cart onto the subway. There will be some stairs involved, i.e. some jostling.

So... it seems likely that poor Dick Grayson will arrive at the clinic in somewhat worse shape than he leaves the rooftop! I don't want to kill him. I don't want to cause permanent damage or disability. But I would like to give him some additional injuries to be treated. Suggestions?

ETA: Thanks so much! Finished the fic!
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