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Russian or Ukrainian and Old Money.

I have two characters, both male. Both between 40-45. One is the son of diplomats. Traveled and educated all over the world. The other is a former Russian soldier. Ukrainian by birth (if it mattered under the soviets.).

The two of them sort of grew up together. The diplomats' kid would stay with his uncle (mother's brother, also Ukrainian) for vacations, summers and whatnot.  That's how he got to know the other guy who was like the uncle's adopted son. Uncle was something of a bigshot in the communist government.

First question
It's years later, the two are now living in France where the diplomats' kid has a large/important business and the former soldier now works for him.  I'm trying to figure out if the two of them are just sitting around casually conversing, what language would they be speaking in, Russian or Ukrainian?

Second question
In one scene the two of them are talking about a third person, an American. And the soldier is describing this American who is "old money"/"blue blood". Well, that's how another American or maybe a Brit would describe this person. But how would the former Russian soldier describe him? Is there such a concept for a Russian/former Soviet? The Diplomats' kid spent time in the West and the US, so he would understand it and might even use those words/that description. But I'm unsure if the other guy would.

I'm not so much looking for the words/translation (though they might be interesting to see) but more how he would express the concept.
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