Gunbunny (burntcopper) wrote in little_details,

Jewish officer in British army, Napoleonic/Regency era ?

I've been trying to find out whether you could be an officer in the British Army if you were Jewish during this era.

I've read a few things that say you couldn't be an officer in the British Navy if you were Jewish or Catholic but I can't find anything that states anything about the army, and I know there was a lot of battlefield promotion during the time from the ranks as it was, not to mention plenty of regiments within the British army that were from Europe and Canada.

I'd prefer him not to be promoted from the ranks due to social setting, but if it's not possible, I'll go with from the ranks.

I've googled variations on jewish military history officers britain army, read Mark Adkins' books on the era and Richard Holmes' Redcoats specifically with reading around the period.

(X-Men AU, Erik Lensherr)
Tags: 1800-1809, 1810-1819, uk: history: regency period, uk: military: historical, ~military (misc), ~religion: judaism

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