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Forensic calculation of attacker's height? (Updated)

** ETA: Thanks for the input. On reflection this story thread doesn't work on several levels, so I'm scrapping it. ***

Hi, all.
Detective story - murder victim was stabbed. Given the length of the blade and the position/angle of the blade entry, I am sure there is a way to determine the approximate height of the attacker (at least to narrow the range of suspects).As we are set in the 1930's before contemporary forensic science was as advanced, I was going to have my investigator do some trigonometry. However, does anyone have reference on how these determinations are currently done? I am especially looking for estimates/parameters on what angle you need to apply sufficient force at different grips.

searched: archives here on all tags related to forensics, knives and trauma. Google:
determine height of attacker stab
calculate height of attacker stab
angle of attack stab wound (also with calculate and determine, and how to)
forensic trigonometry (only getting blood spatter analysis)
forensic anthropometrics

Mostly what I am getting is the general info that this can be done, but not how.
Tags: 1930-1939, ~forensics (misc), ~medicine: injuries (misc), ~medicine: injuries: stab wounds

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