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Strength and Recovery After Being Bedridden for Two Months...

Setting: Modern day UK

Searches: "months in bed," "muscle mass loss in two months," "regaining strength after being bedridden," "physical therapy after being bedridden," etc.

I have a previously-healthy (but not overly active; she was a secretary and not at all a fitness junkie) 27-year-old female character who was unexpectedly bedridden for two months. (I don't want to go into why—SciFi diseases.) In this time, she's not really going to be using any of her muscles at all. After two months, she gets the Magical SciFi Antidote and completely recovers from the illness that had her bedridden in the first place.

How weak is she going to be when she wakes up, and what kind of recovery time/process is she looking at, in terms of rebuilding her muscle strength?

Again, the disease didn't affect her muscle mass at all; I'm just concerned about the fact that she hasn't used a single muscle in two months. Some of what I was reading was saying that she'd lose 1% of her muscle strength for every day that she was sedentary, so if that's true then that's 60% of her strength gone, right there, but I don't know what that would actually translate to in terms of her mobility, or how long it would take and what methods she could use to get back to her previous strength. She does have a doctor working with her on this.

Thanks in advance for all help!
Tags: ~medicine (misc), ~medicine: coma, ~medicine: human physiology

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