Piffy (pig_catapult) wrote in little_details,

Name for a certain kind of cloth fastener

I'm trying to find out if there's a name for the kind of fasteners I want to put on the back of a character's dress. She's a queen from a pre-industrial society with assorted magic and some but not a lot of magitech, and has a servant to tie these for her.

There's a ribbon with a small strap across it (like the keeper on a belt) on one side, and there's a cloth loop on the other. The ribbon goes through the loop, folds back, goes under the strap, and is tightened, then possibly tied in some sort of knot to keep it in place.

I Googled mostly permutations on "types of cloth fasteners", "clothing fasteners" and "old-fashioned clothing fasteners", and "types of textile closures". Went through Wikipedia's "fasteners" and "textile closures" categories.

I can draw a diagram if needed.
Tags: ~clothing

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