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MOD POST: Little_Details Posting Format

Good evening little_details!

It's been a long, long time since there was a reminder about the required posting format here. Posts don't have to all look the same, of course, but we do have moderated posting and each post needs to contain a few specific things in order to get through. It's always sad when, as a post-approving mod, I have to reject a really amazing question and then never see it resubmitted. Rejection notifications will always include which rule was broken and how to fix it, but how many of us even check the email addresses associated with our ljs anymore? So this post is in the hopes that we'll be able to approve even more great posts and provide more little_details in the future!

Before you submit, make sure your post has:

  • A subject line that describes your question. For example, if your question is about the effects of getting shot in the knee, then "getting shot in the knee" is an excellent subject line.

  • The setting of your story. When and where is it taking place? Even if you don't think it's relevant, it often turns out to be.

  • A summary of how you tried to research your question. "I checked Google and Wikipedia" isn't enough. What are some of the search terms you tried? What articles did you read? Leaving out this information is the number one reason for rejected posts! If you're having trouble coming up with fruitful search terms, no worries; just say so. Straight-up translation requests may also be exempt from this rule.

If your post was rejected and you're still wondering why, you can contact the mods by commenting on this post. Thanks for reading, now post away!
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