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what kind of car

I know nothing about cars except that gas goes in one end and water and oil go in the other, and you turn them on and they go [wry g].

But I have a character for whom just the right car would be a good characterization bit.

So, what kind of car would an up-and-coming young doctor just out of his residency who really likes cars drive? He's an urbanite in the Seattle area, going back to his hometown in Montana for a visit, and I'd sort of like the folks back home to want to tease him about it. I was thinking some kind of non-American sporty car, but I have no idea what one of those would be.

I wasn't sure how to search this, so I really haven't. I hope that's okay.

ETA: I should have said that I've been living in the Seattle area for twenty years myself, so I do know that part of the deal well (the green, the cost of living, etc.). I just don't pay a lot of attention to what people drive. And I don't know any young doctors personally, so I don't know anything about that end of the deal.

That said, I think I know what he drives now. Thanks!
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