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Alcohol Slang/Types - Georgia, USA

I'm looking for slang and brands of alcohol that would be common in the Southern US (is that the right term?) mainly Georgia. As a rural Canadian, I don't feel that my personal slang would be anywhere near close to what they characters would be using.

1) I'm looking for a brand or several brands/types of cheap "fruity" wine or wine coolers that would be considered a decent drink for someone who wasn't planning on drinking heavily. Something acceptable for women to drink but would be looked down on if a man drank it. Regular cooler types would also be acceptable but I'd lean towards the wine side of things.

2) I've got two redneck "white trash" men (late 30's/ early 40's). Looking for what brand of beer they would be drinking and what they would look down on. What about alcohol? Both men are heavy drinkers and grew up with alcoholic parents. Both are from Georgia with a very slight family influence from Texas.

3) What about terms for sizes and types of alcohol or even name slang. Where I'm from we have two-fours and mickeys and Texas mickeys but I don't know what they equivalents are/if the terms I'm finding are age/location appropriate.

I've tried searching "alcohol in Georgia", "drinking slang Georgia", "drinking slang" "alcohol slang" and other variations but I'm not sure if what I'm getting is relevant as a lot seems to be from teens. Other things I'm getting a lot of are alcohol restrictions and regulations.

Basically any info you can give me on booze in Georgia would be super duper helpful.

Tags: usa: georgia, ~booze, ~languages: english: american

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