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questions about hand injury recovery, dead leg, post-rape effects, and complex-PTSD

Hey hey, Lil Details! I gots you another question here:

My character, due to the unfortunate circumstance of having spent a few hours with some truly awful people with a hammer, is now sporting:

1) a broken hand (metacarpals 4 and 5 broken; ring and littel fingers broken at both joints)
2) some kind of quadriceps contusion, and
3) some other injuries that I'm putting under the LJ-cut below. (rape and PTSD related)

I'm in difficulty as to the healing processes. The medicine in this world is limited (see also: pre-industrial europe/early qing dynasty), and so she's not going to have access to modern wonderful things like proper plaster casts &c. A few questions as per this:

1) the hand:

--- a) I have it right now so that the small-town-medic-lady realigns the bones as best she can, then bandages the fingers up against a splint as best she can. This sound about right, or no? (Also, +50 laudanum.) Will there be anything else done or recommended?

--- b) what physical sensation will this have ten days in? three weeks in? (I'm figuring, from my researches, to have it be at least a couple months of healing time.)

--- c) 20 days in, a (basically) army medic guy looks at the hand. will he be horrified at how small-town-medic-lady handled it, or will he be about on her level, or what? if he has suggestions or improvements to make, what might they be?

My researches for this include: "broken hand" "broken hand healing" "broken hand healing process" "broken hand healing two weeks" "hammer break hand" "hammer break finger" "two weeks cast skin" "two weeks plaster cast skin" "skin macerate" "bruising two weeks", and many associated links. Also, experience of both my parents having had hand/wrist breaks at various points.

2) the leg
Note: MC is going to need to be walking lots. She has a week of not-walking, first, but then a long foot-only journey. I've decided it's light enough that she's capable of some hours each day, but with long breaks, getting better over time.

--- d) how much bruising would be left after two weeks?

--- e) physical sensation after two weeks?

--- f) any necessity of army-medic-guy looking at it? (small-town-medic-lady already did, and she said "stay off it". MC was like "uh. can't". STML was like "well okay, on your back it be".)

My researches for this include: "dead leg" "quadriceps contusion" "quadriceps contusion healing time" "quardriceps contusion healing", many associated links, and remembering from HS when my wrestler brother gave me a (very light) dead leg. Thanks, bro, love you too.

The rest of my questions are going to be under an LJ cut because they are of the sort that need cuts and warnings.

3) MC was also raped by these guys, both vaginally and anally, multiple times.

--- g) I'm assuming for physical aftereffects there's definitely gential tearing... but what else? any physical complications I should know about?

--- h) physical healing time seems to be in the weeks - is this true? and would it follow that, three weeks after, she'll still be recovering?

--- i) will this contribute to a limp? (I figure she's already got one from #2, but would this exacerbate it? which would heal first?)

My researches for this include: "healing time gential tears" "historical healing after birth" "historical healing vaginal tears" "healing time vaginal tears from rape" and associated links.

4) this is not the first time #3 has happened. these guys cught her when they could - maybe once or twice a year, at family gatherings. past tense, because this story is about her getting-the-hell-away process. obviously she's got lasting effects - it's a different kind of world, though, and the concept of PTSD doesn't exist.

--- j) I know what her triggers would be, what her while-triggered-behavior is, and what her coping sort of behavior would be - what I don't know is what physical/mental feelings being triggered contains. I've read about "tunnel vision" (I have no idea what this looks like -really like a tunnel?) and a lot of anxiety-related symptoms - sometimes ones that people don't realize til they're pointed out. is it like an oncoming anxiety attack? or is it - different? (I don't know what to ask here.)

--- k) is depressive-style-humiliation a common after-feeling?

--- l) can you hear a person grinding their teeth at night?

My researches for this include: "being triggered feels like" "being triggered feeling" "what does being triggered feel like" "tunnel vision" "disassociation" and all associated links.

As ever, thanks in advance, Little Details - you kids are absolutely fantastic with your helps, and I appreciate anythign at all you guys can help me with.

(apologies if anywhere here I come across as flippant or irreverent - I don't mean harm or offense to anyone with any of this, and if I've said anything of the sort, lemme know.)
Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc), ~medicine: injuries: broken bones, ~psychology & psychiatry: depression, ~psychology & psychiatry: ptsd, ~sexual abuse & assault, ~torture

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