Estepheia (estepheia) wrote in little_details,

South American Harbours

In one of my stories a very dangerous supernatural creature (a huge cat-like predator) is smuggled from Africa to the United States. I was thinking that the organisation smuggling it would use a ship to bring it to South America. In South America a circus would take over harbouring the creature (they can buy the meat required to feed it without causing raised eye-brows), and the circus would then travel north until they reach LA. A mage would be hired to give the animal the appearance of a lion or tiger, whenever customs officials take a look.

Which South American industrial harbour would be best suited? It should be big and busy. I suck at geography.
Also, I am assuming that a circus that features attractions like elephants and tigers has a supply of tranquilizers to drug the animals should they escape or go nuts in the arena. Does anybody know what kind of drugs are used? Do they get administered by dart gun?

I googled the term 'circus' and got a little overwhelmed. If anyone knows a good site that informs about circuses and how they are run (as opposed to sites that advertise a particular circus), I'd be very grateful.
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