Eric of Clann tSuibhne (suibhne_geilt) wrote in little_details,
Eric of Clann tSuibhne

What happens to a body left on a salt flat?

My main character comes across the body of a woman who'd been executed by being hobbled, and left to die of dehydration & exposure out on a salt flat. I'm trying to find information on how this would affect the normal decomposition of the body.

I've tried googling various permutations of mummification, natural mummification, dessication, corpse, body, salt flat, & salt pan.

What I've been able to find is that a body buried in dry sand will frequently mummify on its own. I've also found info on bodies that had been depositied in very dry desert caves, that also dried out and mummified instead of decomposing by putrification & being broken down further by scavengers.

But what happens to a human body that's been left laying about on the surface of a salt flat? Roughly, what could he expect to find if he comes across the corpse somewhere between 2-6 months after she'd died?
Tags: ~forensics: corpses

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