child_of_fay (child_of_fay) wrote in little_details,

Fatal Animal Bite

Story Setting: Modern Day London

Details: My character’s family member bitten on the right forearm by an animal. The bite is very deep and went to the bone. The plan is that the wound later causes her to die due to sepsis (blood poisoning).

What I'm Looking For:
·       I assumed a wound like this would require surgery and maybe a hospital stay, but I’m not sure. If it were to need a hospital stay for approximately how long? From what I’ve read about sepsis if would be far more likely for it to go unchecked if the character was home, instead of in the hospital, so I want to get her there as soon as possible.
·       What would recovery look like? (if all had gone well) Would she have a cast on her arm, or a sling, or would it simply require stiches?
·       I also want to add as much drama to the character’s deal as possible, but I have no idea how to do it. What getting the sepsis to set in would look like? Also does sepsis always come on suddenly or would it be more of a fever and slowly fading out?

Searched: Google for: dog bites, animal bites, blood poisoning, sepsis 
Tags: uk: health care and hospitals, ~animals (misc), ~medicine: septic shock

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