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Some swamp questions.

Same setting as my last 2 questions--modern-day US, southeast (unless somewhere else works better), in some kind of swamp or river-filled forest (or some from column A, some from column B)

I'm trying to figure out if what I want for terrain actually exists, and if so where, and what kinds of buildings it would be likely to have.

I'd like somewhere:
1. wet enough to have lots of streams, shallow rivers, and so on
2. dry and/or stable enough that you can hike around in it without hip waders, at least if you know where you're going
3. mostly forested, preferably with nice, atmospheric crooked-looking trees and drooping moss
4. remote enough that Our Heroes won't be running into many, or possibly any, people--it can be a bad time of year or something to keep the day-trippers down, but there at least shouldn't be a lot of people, if any, actually living there
5. close enough to a center of population that high school students could plausibly have a biology field trip or the like there--that is, close enough that you can get there, spend several hours there, then drive home on a normal day trip

If someone knows an actual specific area like that, or even better has actual pictures of same, that would be even better.

If said location exists, then I'd like some idea of what buildings might be found there. I was thinking in terms of hunting and/or fishing cabins, an old church, and possibly an old farmhouse or the like. But if there's anything else that would be likely to be there, I'd love to know that. And if anyone has any details, sources, or similar advice, I'd appreciate it.

I searched for "types of wetlands", "what kind of buildings would be in a swamp", and "buildings in a swamp"

Just to be clear, what I'm hoping for is about this:
Our heroes drove to a wilderness area, no more than an hour or so from town (which should probably be at least a *small* city). Said wilderness area has a handful of cabins and the like (and/or abandoned farms), and either in the wildnerness area or right on the edge of it there is a church, possibly abandoned. But, ideally, there would be no other significant signs of "civilization" in the direction our heroes will be going (away from their cars) for at least an hour's worth of traveling on foot at speed--the church can be in or near a town, but I don't want any significant settlement closer than that. Their path will include crossing several streams/rivers, most of which are wide enough to fit the entire group with room to spare, and shallow enough to ford easily on foot. Bonus points for "creepy" atmospherics like Spanish moss and crooked trees.
Tags: usa: florida, usa: louisiana, ~science: biology (misc), ~wilderness survival

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