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Damage to car after crash and type of repair needed

Set in California, 2006. The type of car is a 1967 Chevrolet Impala (three guesses as to the fandom), and it's hit at the driver's-side wheel by a significantly bigger car (or perhaps truck). Driver's leg is pinned and the car but the passenger is able to walk away. Based on this, I'm thinking that most of the front-left side of the car will be destroyed and the rest of the car not too badly damaged (though the frame will probably be at least somewhat warped and the alignment shot).

Research so far (using the terms "head-on collision repairs", "side-on collision repairs", "writer resources car repairs", "rebuilding a car", "repairing a car", and general searches to mechanics websites) has only given me some limited resources, namely those concerned with insurance company payouts. Not exactly what I'm looking for.

My characters will be attempting to repair the car themselves. Character already rebuilt the car a year or so prior in canon, but the scenes sketched over this and I didn't pick much up. Suffice to say in my writing I can't exactly take the shortcut route if he already knows how to repair his vehicle and I'd like to use the scenes to advance the plot.

I'm looking for general information about what type of repairs would be needed. Jargon especially, so I can at least throw in some points about how the car is being fixed, then attempt to skim around exact specifics while still making it appear as though the character knows what he is doing. Links are fine (great, even) - just anything that can help me out.

Tags: ~car accidents, ~cars

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