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Community College outside of your own community

Time: 1995/1996
Where: US

I want my MC (male, 16 years old) to take his CHSPE and go to College fulltime. According to all the info on CHSPE that is not a problem if the College in a different state decides to accept it.

There is only one school in his state (SD) that offers the degree I want him to get, a community college a bit more than 100 miles away from his home, roughly 2 hours driving one way. I want him to be home for the week-ends and to try to finish his degree as fast as possible without accelerated courses. At least I din't find anything about it with the particular College.

1. Would he be able to get faster through the program if he wants to and what timeframe would be realistic
2. Would it be considered more normal if he drove the 4 hours every day or would he live there during the week? Would it be acceptable if a 16 year old lived alone in an apartment for 5 days a week with the permission of his parental unit or would they arange for him to live with a family? Housing seems to be reserved to 4 year Colleges


Edit to add: the College in question is the Lake Area Technical Institute in Watertown
Tags: 1990-1999, usa: education: higher education, usa: south dakota

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