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Blessing weapons, in various religions

Location: US, possibly the southeast, modern day
searches: none, couldn't really think of what to search

So, Our Heroes are a group of high school students, running away from demons. At some point, they will figure out that blessing their weapons makes them more effective against the demons. But, it doesn't seem to matter much what Being is invoked, just the sincerity/passion of the one doing the blessing.

Our group includes:
A Wiccan girl of Hispanic descent
A black Pentacostal boy
An atheist girl of Italian descent, who's rather a science nerd (she obviously won't be calling on God, but once she notices that blessing weapons seems to *work*, I figured she might, more or less as an experiment, "bless" her weapons in the name of various scientists, etc)
An Irish Catholic girl
A Jewish boy

The question:
How might these various people bless their weapons? That is, what might they actually say and/or do, while on the run trying not to get eaten, to call down the Powers that Be into their bullets, improvised bombs, sticks, et cetera?

And, for the end of the film... anyone know a good website or whatever with a description of an exorcism, or whatever closest equivalent would be used to cast demons out of a place rather than a person?
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