Lily (thelilyqueen) wrote in little_details,

Gun for a 7 year old future Black Widow

I've got a moment coming up where my character, a young woman who was taken to be part of a secret Soviet operative program when she was little more than a toddler (yes, Natasha Romanoff), makes reference to her very early experiences with firearms. I want her to mention a specific make, as she's trying to hammer home just what her upbringing was like to the person she's talking to.

So, I'm looking for one that:
a) would have been available in Russia during the 1980s
b) would be a good one to learn on - not particularly finicky in its operation, etc.
c) would have been one a not particularly big or strong 7 year old girl could handle well enough to start perfecting her aim, etc. I'm guessing that means a handgun and one without much recoil as I can't see her trainers giving her anything specifically designed for children, but I have very little experience in this area

My searches thus far have only turned up companies that make kid-size firearms and pages on, well, kids as firearm victims. Thank you.
Tags: 1980-1989, russia (misc), ~weapons: firearms

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