Whip-lash girlchild (autochrome) wrote in little_details,
Whip-lash girlchild

Details of an Edwardian(ish) Gay Club

1910ish, London. Two fellows are looking for a place to have a dalliance. Their homes are out of the question.
Unfortunately, I cannot for the life of me find any sort of description of what I'm after: That sort of gentleman's-club-cum-brothel, a là the Hundred Guineas Club (even a higher-class brothel would do in a pinch, I suppose).
Fact or timely fiction, I just need a better picture in my mind. I don't want to lead the men into a featureless limbo.

I've searched far too much to give you the terms, but my problem is that I cannot seem to escape from results on the gay panic of the gay nineties, if not before. I am well-versed in that, trust, but it's really not what I'm after.
Tags: 1910-1919, uk: london, ~homosexuality: history, ~prostitution

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