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please sir, can I have some more?

Poseidon's Lost Lover? least, it would seem that way!

Before I begin, I've searched for:
"myth atlantis", "lost city atlantis", "Poseidon", "Poseidon lovers", "Poseidon children"; I've also read a couple of articles on concerning Poseidon and his lovers which were helpful, but only marginally so.


My original story loosely incorporates the idea of the myth of Atlantis, and of modern-day offspring of the "ruling family" still being around and kicking. One of the things I wanted to incorporate was a cult-like religion for these people based around "the Mother", or the woman that Poseidon impregnated that led to the first occupants of Atlantis. Problem is, I can't figure out who this person was!

I feel like I have three basic choices:
1. Drop the storyline
2. Make up this woman's name/choose another one of Poseidon's mortal lovers
3. Use Kleito, who was the mother to Atlas, instead

I would really rather not drop this plot point (as it becomes rather central to one of my characters) but I also don't want to mess up on my Greek mythology here. Any help that can be offered is appreciated!

BONUS QUESTION: As it seems from my reading that pretty much every occupant of Atlantis was an offspring of Poseidon in some form, would it be too much of a stretch to say that my modern-day characters are "part god"? I don't plan on giving them special powers or anything beyond possibly slowed aging, but it would be one of the ways that characters identify themselves as "children of Poseidon".
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